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After many years of supplying our customers with both older trees trees and new grafts, Greenmantle Nursery in recent seasons has been accepting fruit variety orders for benchgrafts only. These grafts are propagated on a custom basis, combining the variety and rootstock of the customer's choice. After propagation, the dormant grafts are shipped to our customers who will then grow and nurture them at their own site. For those new to this option, we provide detailed instructions on how to take care of the grafts as they grow into one-year whips. We are also available for consultation by telephone. For more information, please refer to our webpage The Benchgraft Option.

PLEASE NOTE: At the present time, we are only offering grafts of our APPLE varieties.

We realize that many potential customers would prefer to deal with older, larger nursery stock requiring less care, attention, and time. Certainly, for readily available variety/rootstock combinations, this might afford the best approach to establishing new fruit tree plantings. Greenmantle Nursery's custom fruit tree benchgrafts still remain a viable, cost-effective option for orchardists and collectors seeking to obtain extraordinary varieties grafted on the rootstocks of their personal choice.

Cox's Orange Pippin - Since 1830, considered the ultimate English dessert apple.....
Intensely sweet and aromatic, perfectly balanced with acidity. It is also a bit tricky to grow,
preferring a warm - but not excessively hot - growing season. Ironically, it is not that
well suited to typical English conditions (cool & humid) and can be very susceptible to scab.
We grow a strain obtained from Bob Stebbins of Oregon State University
that he selected for health and adaptability to western USA conditions.
Illustration circa 1876, by Robert Hogg (1818-1897)

Our nursery has been selling benchgrafts for three decades now and there are many thousands of productive fruit trees out there that began life here as custom grafting orders. The benchgrafts resolved a vexing logistics problem: trying to keep so many variety/rootstock combinations in inventory. They also enabled us to take orders from customers in colder bio-regions who needed stock shipped later than our normal dormant season would permit. Finally, the smaller, lighter stock made it possible to reduce rising packaging and shipping costs.


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ATTENTION 2020 BENCHGRAFT CUSTOMERS: As our grafting season approaches, we find it necessary to set a time limit for taking on new orders. This year's cut-off date will be FEBRUARY 28. We hope this deadline will not cause any undue inconvenience to potential customers. ....If you would like benchgrafts for the coming season, please get your completed order form to us before the end of February. Orchardists requiring commercial quantities on a particular rootstock are advised to contact us well in advance of the grafting season so adequate supplies can be reserved. Thanks.



To place an order by mail , you may print out the Fruit Order Form from this site or adapt any ordinary piece of paper. Please remember to include both mailing and shipping addresses if they are different; also your home & work telephone numbers so we can call you should we need to discuss your order....

Don't forget to indicate your rootstock preferences for each variety! Information regarding these choices may be obtained from this website -
For apples, see Apple Rootstocks ... other Fruit rootstocks in appropriate sections
- as well as from other resources on the Internet or in the library.

You may contact us by phone: (707) 986-7504 if you have any questions or just wish to consult. We can advise on availability, substitutions, etc. We appreciate phone calls at reasonable hours (Daily 9 AM to 6PM PACIFIC TIME) ...

SORRY - We do not communicate with our customers by e-mail, web-mail, or FAX.

We have NO MINIMUM ORDER......



Benchgrafts will be priced at $20.00 each.... For orders of 10 or more of a single variety on the same rootstock, we can offer a 10% discount.

To book an order for fruit tree benchgrafts , we ask for an initial deposit of 50% of the order. We invoice customers for the balance due before shipping time. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipment....






Rosetta™ and Sweetmeat Crab™

Please add a $5.00 royalty fee for each benchgraft of these varieties...

Customers are required to sign a non-propagation agreement for our files. This will be included with your invoice and must be returned before shipping. Quantities for each variety are limited to 2 per order.

Grenadine® - One of our 7 Rosetta™ Varieties

An array of Sweetmeat Crabs™



Since we don't usually receive our rootstocks until the end of February, we begin our propagating/shipping season in early March and continue through April. Orders are fulfilled in succession according to regional climate conditions. Benchgrafts are somewhat more tender than older nursery stock; we try to schedule our shipments to prevent freeze damage both in transit and on arrival. For customers in warmer climates, we make an effort to ship the grafts before hot weather settles in.

Our window-of-opportunity for grafting is obviously limited and anomalous weather conditions can be challenging. Customers who have particular issues with weather and micro-climate conditions should inform us of any special requirements. When the grafting order shipment arrives, we expect our customers to take responsibility for protecting the grafts from damage due to weather extremes.

We normally ship our stock via UPS Ground or U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.. Please note that UPS requires a Street Address - Post Office Box addresses are not usually deliverable. We prefer to send our West Coast [CA,OR,WA] orders by UPS Ground. Shipments to more distant destinations will go by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail which is faster [thus safer for tender stock] but still cost-effective. Customers who wish to discuss other options [e.g. UPS Three Day Select] should call for an estimate.


Via UPS Ground - CA, OR, WA

1 - 10 Grafts: $15.00
11-20 Grafts: $18.00
21-30 Grafts: $21.00

Via U.S. Postal Service - Priority Mail (AIR)

1 - 10 Grafts: $20.00
11-20 Grafts: $24.00
21-30 Grafts: $28.00

Eden Crab™ grafts being
frameworked to understock
- Spring 1988

Eden Crab™ tree in Fall 2005 -
Part of crop still hanging
after abundant harvest


Greenmantle Nursery adheres to the organic approach to plant production - we do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides of any kind. While we are strictly organic, we do not presently participate in any official certification program. Customers purchasing Benchgrafts please note: we purchase our rootstocks from specialist nurseries that use conventional (i.e. chemical) methods of production. These are the best available rootstocks and conform to the highest phytosanitary standards, but are not organically grown. Most certification programs make allowances for this reality of the nursery industry; trees are typically recognized as organically grown after a season's growth under compliance with acceptable practice. Customers who are concerned with this issue should check with their certifying agency.


Greenmantle Nursery guarantees its stock to be correctly identified and correctly labeled. The plants we ship are healthy and viable, and are carefully packaged by us personally to arrive in this condition: Please open your package immediately upon receipt and inspect your plants. If you detect any problem.... inform us at once so that we may assist you in sorting it out.

Each benchgraft is guaranteed to " take" and begin to grow....

Any claims for non-viable grafts must be filed within 6 weeks of their receipt.

However, beyond that point - We cannot accept responsibility
for the impact of factors outside our control
(e.g. cultural practices, growing conditions, weather,
and unruly animals - wild or domestic).

REMEMBER: Our insrruction sheet "Care & Handling of Grafting Orders" is required reading for our customers and is included with every shipment....


ALSO refer to our webpages The Benchgraft Option and Fruit F A Q for further discussions relating to the aftercare of fruit tree grafts that might help prevent common problems. We care very much about every plant that we propagate & sell - and wish them to thrive in their new homes. If you have any questions at all relating to plants purchased from Greenmantle Nursery - please feel free to call and consult.

Your satisfaction is important to us......

Ribston Pippin - Until Cox's Orange Pippin came along
around 1830, this was the favorite apple variety
in England. Compared to its more famous seedling,
Ribston is at once richer and more austere than Cox.




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